Prince Mpapatla Bakhoma Modjadji

Prince Mpapatla Bakhoma Modjadji

28 March 2007: The regent of the Balobedu in Limpopo, Prince Mpapatla Modjadji, has received a precious gift – a baby girl who could become the next Rain Queen.

Modjadji fathered the child with his cousin Mokgawa Modjadji and the baby was born in hospital in Modjadjiskloof yesterday.

She brought smiles to the regent and the royal family and there are strong indications she could become the next Rain Queen, filling the vacant position of her late aunt, Makobo Modjadji, Mpapatla’s sister.

A royal family member and senior official of the Modjadji royal council told Sowetan this week that the baby is poised to bring together the divided Modjadji royal family and the closely-related families of Modjadji.

Mpapatla and Mokgawa had a son about three years ago. The boy was named after the local chief, Matarapane.

A close family member who wished to remain anonymous said the baby girl is destined to be the next Rain Queen of the Balobedu clan.

But, there is another child from the royal family who some believe should be the Rain Queen . Th ree-year-old Masalanabo is the daughter of the late Rain Queen Makobo, who was Mpapatla’s niece . The problem is the child was fathered by former Greater Letaba municipal boss, David Mohale .

Mohale’s relationship with Makobo was not accepted in the royal family and the council because he is a commoner.

The feud between the royal family and Mohale was exacerbated by the fact that Mohale recently fathered a child with Masalanabo’s former nanny.

“According to the Balobedu custom, Makobo was supposed to marry a man from a royal family to retain the royal bloodline,” the source said.

“We prefer Mpapatla’s daughter to Makobo’s because Mokgawa is of the royal line.”

Mpapatla could not be reached for comment as his cell phone was switched off.