Ohemaa Yaa Asantewaa

Ohemaa Yaa Asantewaa

She was born in 1863 at Ejisu, near Kumasi, in Ashanti and later became the queen Mother of Ejisu, Brave and fearless as she was, she led the men of Ashanti or the Ashanti Warriors” to fight the British.when the Asantehene (Ashanti King), Nana Prempeh and other important chiefs were captured and sent to the Seychelles Island, the village had a meeting and Yaa Asantewaa was present, when the kings made no reply to the demands, she chastised and vilified them for their cowardice .

Her speech found and audience and stirred up the men when she said.”if you men of the Ashanti will not go forward, then we will,we the women will,I will call upon fellow women, we will fight the enemy until the last of us falls on the battlefield,Dr John Henrik Clarke said,

“Because her agitation was converted into stirring demands for independence, it is safe to say that she helped to create part of the theoretical basis for the political emergence of modern Africa”.

She became the first woman commander of the Ashanti Kingdom and will forever be celebrated and remembered, her spirit lives on!

After the war, the British arrested Yaa Asantewaa and took her also to the Seychelles island. She died there in 1923.

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