The Realm of a Rain Queen: A Study of the Pattern of Lovedu SocietyAuthor: Jack Krige (Author), Eileen Krige (Editor)

This important work embodies the results of an investigation into the everyday life, culture and religion of the Lovedu, perhaps the least known of all South African tribes. In a remarkable foreword Field-Marshal Smuts recommends the book “as one of the most honest and penetrating researches into Native life” that he has come across and gives yet another proof of the versatility of his genius by an expert and inspiring analysis of it, after which any review must sound jejune and dull.

The authors, Mr. J. D. Krige, a nephew of the Field-Marshal, and his wife, Dr. Krige, stayed for a considerable time at the headquarters of the queen and were able by the exercise of great tact and persistence, helped by luck (in that one of the Field-Marshal’s daughters had by a fortunate chance already become acquainted with her), to penetrate into the core of the tribal beliefs. A working knowledge of the difficult language was acquired and some twenty months in all were spent, with intervals, in the investigations, chiefly between 1936 and 1938, when the authors held a Fellowship of the International Institute of African Languages and Cultures.