When Rain Queen Mother first arrived in the village of her Great, Great, Great Grandmother to begin her Initiation in 1998, her Elders told her that her way – meaning her path, was truly Ancestral. She would never have been able to find her way home if it were not for the fact that her Ancestors had guided her there and had already accepted her as one of them. They also told her that she was lucky to come from two Royal families in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

During her long 13 year Initiation path, Rain Queen Mother has not only been officially recognised as being a Bosom Mba by her Elders in Divination, but she has also received sacred recognitions from other Medicine Elders, Diviners and Holy People around the world. After the first seven years of her Initiation her Ancestors commissioned her to continue her Initiation by travelling around the world to search for medicines and Ceremonies to cure her own and other people of the World because the Dagabah people have lost some of our Ritual and Ceremonial medicines during the last 500 years of Slavery, Colonialisation, Christianisation, Islamisation and Modernisation. During her travels and quest journeys to search for healing and Ceremonial medicines, Rain Queen Mother received important recognitions from Indigenous Elders around the world.

The Elders and Chiefs of the Dagabah people recognised her as a Rain Queen Mother and the Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of a Queen Mother who became a ‘Sazumwign’ – (Dagabah Mountain Deity) at the end of her life. They gave her the name “Poa Naa” which means a ‘Living Human Female Treasure’ – who is wealthy in Universal knowledge and is someone who is treasured for knowing and living and healing by the Laws of the Universe to a huge degree. They also told her that she was born to be a Healer; a Philosopher; a Teacher and a State Diviner. A State Diviner is someone who can divine into the state of her nation in relation to other nations in the world – this differs from the objectives of a personal Diviner. With these gifts, her Ancestors gave her the job of learning about all the problems that are going on in the world, helping people who have become lost in the various Diasporas to find their Indigenous ways, and to help the Souls of people who have died violently in the wars of Slavery and Colonialisation to cross over into the Upper Worlds.

We are grateful to the Office of Rain Queen Mother for granting us permission to reproduce this text.