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Priestesses, Shamans & Healers

The Important World Shamanic Healing Work of Rain Queen Mother

Rain Queen Mother is a Namwign Bea – or a Bosom Mba - this translates into English as a Child of a Nature Deity. She is one of a few practicing Lunar Shaman Rain Queen Mothers from West Africa, who works all over the World healing the Earth and people. According to the Elder Diviners...

Rain Queen Mother

When Rain Queen Mother first arrived in the village of her Great, Great, Great Grandmother to begin her Initiation in 1998, her Elders told her that her way - meaning her path, was truly Ancestral. She would never have been able to find her way home if it were not for the fact that her...

Queen Nyabingi: Shamanic priestesses of East Africa

The legend of Queen Nyabingi began with an amazon queen named Kitami, who possessed a sacred drum. Later generations revered her as a powerful ancestor (emandua) and she spoke through priestesses called Bagirwa. Most of them were were traditional healers, chosen by Nyabingi as her prophets.

Bori Religion and the Bori Priestess

Bori is a traditional animistic religion of the Hausa people of West Africa. An aspect of the traditional Maguzawa Hausa religious traditions, Bori became a state religion led by ruling class priestesses amongst some of the late pre-colonial Hausa States.

Mbuya Nehanda a.k.a Charwe Nyakasikana: “My bones shall rise again”

In the Chidamba Village lived the famous Shona spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda. She was a powerful woman spirit medium that was committed to upholding traditional Shona culture, she was instrumental in organizing the nationwide resistance to colonial rule during the First Chimurenga of 1896-7.