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The Mudjadji dynasty : the principles of female leadership in African cosmology

The primary aim of the study was to investigate the principles of female leadership in southern Africa, with special reference to the Mudjadji cosmology. The process involved tracing the origins of these principles back to Ancient Ethiopia
Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh an Amazon in the Dahoman army

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh an Amazon in the Dahoman army

TweetImage Reference forbesamazon Source Frederick E. Forbes, Dahomey and the Dahomans: being the journals of two missions to the king of Dahomey, and residence in his capital, in . . . 1849 and 1850 (London, 1851), vol. 1, facing p. 23 Comments Caption, “Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh. An Amazon in the Dahoman army.” Image shows her in war...

African Women in Revolution

This book is an ambitious, extensive and detailed analysis of the roles played by African women in seven revolutionary movements in post World War 11 Africa. The revolutionary movements covered in this book occurred in: Algeria, Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Black Women in Antiquity (Journal of African Civilizations)

This volume provides an overview of the black queens, madonnas and goddesses who dominated the history and imagination of ancient times. The authors have concentrated on Ethiopia and Egypt because the documents in the Nile Valley are couminous compared to the sketchier record in other parts of Africa, but also because the imagination of...

The Queenmother, Matriarchy and the Question of Female Political Authority

The Queenmother, Matriarchy, and the Question of Female Political Authority in Precolonial West African Monarchy Journal of Black Studies 1997 27: 579-597. By Tarikhu Farrar

African Women and Feminism: Reflecting on the Politics of Sisterhood

TweetAuthor: Oyeronke Oyewumi The relationship between African women and feminism is a contentious one. Embedded in this connection is the question of whether sisterhood—a mantra assuming a common oppression of all women and signifying feminist international/cross-cultural relations—describes the symbolic and functional representation of African women. The contributors in this book are aware of the global...

Re-Inventing Africa: Matriarchy, Religion and Culture

Challenging western anthropologists to recognize their own class-based, patriarchal thought, Ifi Amadiume, the author of 'Male Daughters, Female Husbands', issues a clarion call for a new understanding of Africa.

Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkoro

Nnwonkoro is a genre of women's song found among the Akan speaking peoples of Ghana. Based on extensive field work this book investigates the nature of composition in oral culture, together with issues such as the scope of the poetic imagination and the transformation process that accompany's modernisation.

Daughters of the Goddess, Daughters of Imperialism: African Women, Culture, Power and Democracy: African Women Struggle for Culture, Power and Democracy

This volume charts a genealogy of class transformation in the 20th century. Ifi Amadiume contrasts the idea of a collectivist, humanist culture of traditional African matriarchal heritage with a corrupt and oppressive culture of imperialism that she argues is the heritage of contemporary, elite-led women's organizations.

Women Leaders in African History (African Historical Biographies)

Lively portraits of twelve key figures whose periods of influence ranged from ancient Egypt to the colonial era. Illustrated with maps, photos, and engravings.

African Matriarchal Foundations: The Igbo Case

The received anthropological view is that the Igbo are not a matriarchal society. This book is a contribution to this debate and the author uses a variety of lines to demonstrate her primary thesis: that Igbo societies are fundamentally matriarchal and have suffered an imposition of patriarchy upon it.

Looking for Lovedu: A Journey Through Africa in Search of the Legendary Rainmaking Queen

The tale of an African adventure. The American author, a well-known travel writer, set off with an English photographer named Muggleton, to drive the length of Africa from Morocco in the north to the southernmost tip to find the great rainmaking queen Modjadji of the Bantu tribe, the Lovedu.