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The Power of Ancestors

The Power of Ancestors

The royal village of Khetlhakone clings to the green hillside below the Modjadji Nature Reserve. This little-known national park in the subtropical province of Limpopo is named after a dynasty of Rain Queens. Their magical power has ensured the well-being of the local Balobedu people since the 19th century.

African Women in Revolution

This book is an ambitious, extensive and detailed analysis of the roles played by African women in seven revolutionary movements in post World War 11 Africa. The revolutionary movements covered in this book occurred in: Algeria, Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

African Women and Feminism: Reflecting on the Politics of Sisterhood

TweetAuthor: Oyeronke Oyewumi The relationship between African women and feminism is a contentious one. Embedded in this connection is the question of whether sisterhood—a mantra assuming a common oppression of all women and signifying feminist international/cross-cultural relations—describes the symbolic and functional representation of African women. The contributors in this book are aware of the global...

The changing role of Africa’s women

Ramotswa, Botswana - The village elder holds up the skin of a leopard against a vast, cloudless sky. A hush falls over the crowd of thousands. It is the symbol of absolute power. For generations it has passed from father to son - but on this day it spills over the head and shoulders of...