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The Queenmother, Matriarchy and the Question of Female Political Authority

The Queenmother, Matriarchy, and the Question of Female Political Authority in Precolonial West African Monarchy Journal of Black Studies 1997 27: 579-597. By Tarikhu Farrar

Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkoro

Nnwonkoro is a genre of women's song found among the Akan speaking peoples of Ghana. Based on extensive field work this book investigates the nature of composition in oral culture, together with issues such as the scope of the poetic imagination and the transformation process that accompany's modernisation.

Information on the Queen Mother Tradition among the Kwahu People of Ghana

The Kwahu are a main constituent kingdom of the Akan ethnic group. The Akan reside in clusters in southern and central Ghana, and the Kwahu reside in the eastern central part of the country. The common language of the Akan kingdoms is Akan, which has many dialects.