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Rain Queen Mother

When Rain Queen Mother first arrived in the village of her Great, Great, Great Grandmother to begin her Initiation in 1998, her Elders told her that her way - meaning her path, was truly Ancestral. She would never have been able to find her way home if it were not for the fact that her...

The Queenmother, Matriarchy and the Question of Female Political Authority

The Queenmother, Matriarchy, and the Question of Female Political Authority in Precolonial West African Monarchy Journal of Black Studies 1997 27: 579-597. By Tarikhu Farrar

Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkoro

Nnwonkoro is a genre of women's song found among the Akan speaking peoples of Ghana. Based on extensive field work this book investigates the nature of composition in oral culture, together with issues such as the scope of the poetic imagination and the transformation process that accompany's modernisation.

Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa

Yaa Asantewaa was an Edwesohemaa (Queen Mother of the Edweso tribe of the Asante) in modern day Ghana. She is often credited with empowering the people to rise up against the British.
Adioukrou African Queen Mother

Adioukrou African Queen Mother

TweetIn Ghana, the display of gold at the Ashanti king’s jubilee in 1995 was unsurpassed in splendor. This Adioukrou Queen Mother, attending the jubilee, indicates her status by wearing gold turtle & crocodile talismans in her hair. Magnificently bedecked in gold jewelry & wearing gold dust makeup, she exhibits her husband’s substantial authority & worth....
Queen Mother Nana Yaa Asantewaa

Queen Mother Nana Yaa Asantewaa

TweetShe was born in 1863 at Ejisu, near Kumasi, in Ashanti and later became the queen Mother of Ejisu, Brave and fearless as she was, she led the men of Ashanti or the Ashanti Warriors” to fight the British.when the Asantehene (Ashanti King), Nana Prempeh and other important chiefs were captured and sent to the...

Information on the Queen Mother Tradition among the Kwahu People of Ghana

The Kwahu are a main constituent kingdom of the Akan ethnic group. The Akan reside in clusters in southern and central Ghana, and the Kwahu reside in the eastern central part of the country. The common language of the Akan kingdoms is Akan, which has many dialects.
The Queen Mother and the Golden Stool of Ashanti

The Queen Mother and the Golden Stool of Ashanti

The Golden Stool is a mysterious symbol of power and history of the Ashanti people. The myth is told that Okomfo Anokye conjured the famous Golden Stool from the sky and landed it on the lap of King Osei Tutu, the first King of the Ashantis.

Yaa Asantewaa, the Asante Warrior Queen

There have been great women in history, but Yaa Asantewaa was one of a kind, Cameron Duodu reminds us of the story of the 'mere woman' who 'fought against the cannon' during the British colonisation of Ghana.

The changing role of Africa’s women

Ramotswa, Botswana - The village elder holds up the skin of a leopard against a vast, cloudless sky. A hush falls over the crowd of thousands. It is the symbol of absolute power. For generations it has passed from father to son - but on this day it spills over the head and shoulders of...