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Looking for Lovedu: A Journey Through Africa in Search of the Legendary Rainmaking Queen

The tale of an African adventure. The American author, a well-known travel writer, set off with an English photographer named Muggleton, to drive the length of Africa from Morocco in the north to the southernmost tip to find the great rainmaking queen Modjadji of the Bantu tribe, the Lovedu.

The Realm of a Rain Queen: A Study of the Pattern of Lovedu Society

This important work embodies the results of an investigation into the everyday life, culture and religion of the Lovedu, perhaps the least known of all South African tribes.
Modjadji, The Rain Queen

Modjadji, The Rain Queen

The Lovedu tribe (also called the Balobedu), a Sotho-Venda group that in 1500 settled in the north of what is now the Limpopo Province of South Africa, has the distinction that it is the only tribe in Africa still ruled by a female monarch.

The Lovedu Rain Queen

The Rain Queen is an integral part of Lovedu culture and history. Oral traditions have the Lovedu being formed by Dzugudini – the daughter of the chief of the Monomotapa (part of the Karanga Empire) who were based near Maulwi in Zimbabwe. The Mudjadji is considered to be the living embodiment of the rain goddess and...